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What Will I Do For The Earth Today?

*Spending the day outside of course, enjoying the sunshine!

*Turning off all lights as I leave rooms, even if I am coming back soon

*As I take out the garbage in the house, make sure I didn't toss any recyclables in the wrong place (ie, paper trash throughout the house, I pull out to recycle)

*Made Juliette her breakfast with a banana that would otherwise need to be tossed in a day or so (we are leaving town tonight for the weekend, so it's important to use what will go bad before we leave) instead of pulling out something fresh

*Added to my clothes donation pile instead of adding it to the trash pile when cleaning out my closet

*Made sure I have my reusable Aladdin BPA free jug for iced coffee on the go & a small Earth Lust bottle of water so I don't end up purchasing a plastic one.

What are you going to do for the earth today?


Charles said...

It is interesting to see your posts placing so much focus on sustainable living. An area of sustainability that is often neglected is that of sustainable advertising. Did you know that the Yellow Pages print industry is responsible for the harvesting of some 19 million trees every year? Thankfully a radical new service has launched and which seeks to challenge this environmental holocaust by encouraging businesses to list on it. For every business that purchases a premium listing, the company will plant a tree in an effort to undo the many years of print advertising which have served to cripple our environment.

Please could you write a comment on this cool new service

Charlotte said...

why not bike and plant trees at the same time.
I found this website
If you take the bike they plant mere trees.
Maybe you would think this is cool to.