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Upon Having a Baby

A friend of mine recently wrote an article entitled something like 'Having a baby isn't eco-friendly'. I totally agree! But, I have found ways to stay true to my eco-minded beliefs.

When you have a baby, you learn that things are always messy and you are always cleaning up. Whether it's diapers or wipes or the many paper towels you go through. Your always trying desperately to keep that little muffin of yours looking their cleanest. I debated cloth diapers, only to discover the trade off isn't always as eco-friendly as you may think. I looked into the disposable-cloth hybrids and quickly shot that idea down when I saw the price per unit! There are some things I just can't afford. And I'm not going to let the guilt weigh me down every day. What I can do is keep up with what I can do. Here are some ways I DO stay eco-minded with my little Juliette.

*I support many organic and eco-minded companies such as, Seventh Generation, Earth's Best, Alba Organics, California Baby, Little Twig, Kate Quinn, Gerber Organics, Small Changes by Kee Ka, Kee Ka, Babyganics and more.

*I make Juliette's baby food, which cuts down on not only my costs, but in fuel costs, manufacturing costs (all those containers). I stick to organic ingredients (some things I'm not willing to compromise on). On occasion I've given into time constraints and given her Earth's Best Organics baby food, saving the jars to fill with my own concoctions later of course!

*I buy Juliette lots and lots of toys made from wood! Also, organic fabrics. She loves her MiYim toys and wood rattles.

*I am a huge purveyor of used goods, I support 2 local buy/trade/sell baby stores and have happily accepted many hand me downs. I also have given hand me downs to those having babies and am storing Juliette's clothes for another baby someday. The more babies that can use each item of clothing, toy or baby gear the better. It's a pass it on theory and it makes me happy! I love having her wear something that had another life, brought another baby happiness or was part of a baby's room.

As Juliette gets older I'll be taking her to the farmer's markets each weekend to pick out our week's goods, introducing her to each vendor and teaching her about the origin of each item. I want her to know that strawberries are not a winter fruit and that sweet potato was her first food! I can't wait! I am not going to hide vegetables in her food, I want her to learn to love them. I want her to play in the dirt, get messy and above all have fun. I can be clean up patrol, that's my job!

Image: Juliette 7 months on a trip to Kent, CT

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Lesley said...

what a fabulous article Lindsay-you are a wonderful mother and I'm so proud of you and also the respect you show towards our beautiful planet.