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Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day there are many ways you can celebrate. Companies all over the world are getting into the act themselves and here are some happenings, sales and fun ideas for you to get into the earthy vibe yourself.

-Send out free (and paperless) Earth Day cards tomorrow with free e-cards from The World Wildlife Fund. Click here is offering up to 40% of in their 'green & natural' store. Click to find out more

-Earth 911 put together a global look at some Earth Day events that are a must check out. Click here

-Shop Kiehl's! They support lots of great causes, like the Rainforest Alliance!

-Super cute video about how Earth Day can be a holiday for ALL! Here

-The Green Depot is an amazing spot to stock up on all of your earth friendly houseware needs (including cleaning products, paints, baby items and lots more). To celebrate Earth Day they're offering 15% off when you spend $75, 25% off when you spend $100 and 30% when you spend $150 or more. No time to waste getting all that's on your list! Only have a few things you need? Ask a few friends if you can go in on it together to get the discount...oh I've got tons of great ideas

Where will I be?
Checking out the Earth Day events in Greenpoint of course! Gotta stay local! Check out the NY parks website for more info on the MacCarren Park event. by clicking here, followed by a dinner out with the hubs where we'll be dining on grass-fed burgers and fresh cocktails. Yum!


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