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Josie Maran Cosmetics

Supermodel Josie Maran knows a thing or two about beauty. What you didn't know is she's a earth girl at heart and has created a lovely line of cosmetics with both your looks and the earth in mind. She worked hard to keep toxic chemicals such as parabens and petrochemicals out of her entire line. The result, beautiful makeup for face, eyes, lips and cheeks. My favorite are the makeup palattes that contain powders for both eyes and cheeks! One stop shopping. Ladies, it's time to clean out your makeup bag and pick up a few new shades! Click here or head to your local Sephora!



Fig+Sage said...

I appreciate that Josie is an earth girl and that she is trying to make better decisions with regards to a more eco-lifestyle, but unfortunately her line isn't as "clean" as many believe :( I really, really hope she reformulates soon and gets rid of all the synthetic and petrochemical-derived that she currently uses :(

As just ONE example, she uses polybutene in many of her products. So what is polybutene??

The kind of Polybutene that Josie Maran uses (according to her) is called "Indopol H-1500" and consists of Isobutylene and Butene Copolymer and its INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name is “Polybutene”. This ingredient used to be manufactured by Innovene, which used to be a division of British Petroleum (BP), who merged with Amoco Chemical Company, and H-1500/Polybutene is currently manufactured by INEOS Oligomers. According to the company’s Fact File 2009 – they are “a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products”. (Source: INEOS Oligomers FactFile 2009, Page 28, Their largest polybutene plant is located in Whiting, Indiana (35 miles from downtown Chicago) amongst many other oil refineries along Lake Michigan that are heavy air and water polluters. INEOS states very clearly: “Indopol polybutenes are produced entirely by a petrochemical process, with all feedstocks coming from oil refinery streams”. (Source: Indopol Regulatory Bulletin, January 2009, Page 7:

I truly hope she reformulates soon so that her claims & marketing match her ingredients. I admire when a celebrity uses their position for good, but its disheartening when they make claims that just aren't true.

Her 100% organic argan oil does appear to be a good product though!

Lindsay said...

Thanks ladies! :)