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What Did You Do For The Earth Today?

Here's what I did:

Said "NO!" to shopping bags at 2 stores and opted to fit the items in my large canvas tote.

Brought my own reusable bottle for my iced coffee and came home to use my own grass-fed organic small farm milk

I made Juliette's breakfast, lunch and dinner (pears & bananas) out of all organic fruits of course and stored it in a re-purposed jar.

I made sure things were unplugged like the coffee machine & toaster after I used them

I kept the lights off most of the day even when I was hope, instead opting for opening the curtains and letting in natural light

What did YOU do?

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Mike's Vent Cleaning said...

Ok these are very nice and basic things to do.I also prefer buying only organic food.I never used plastic bags ever.