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Recycling: The Stats

So you toss your bottles and cans into the recycling bin, good. Here's some data to help give what you're doing a bit more meaning.

-By recycling glass, we save as much as 70% on creating new materials. And when you avoid creating new materials you lower emissions and greenhouse gases which are produced in the process.

-The average American uses 700 lbs of paper every year. So stop printing all of your emails and make sure you check your "print preview" option to avoid printing unwanted pages.

-Plastic is created with petroleum and never biodegrade. Enough said.

So, bring your own bag, use both sides of the paper, invest in cloth napkins and dishtowels and please recycle. Kevin and I are trying to reduce our garbage weight by rethinking each item to see if it can be recycled. Get rid of extra garbages around the house the hinder your recycling. We have a small trash by the computer literally feet from the recycle bin and we both toss paper in there without thinking. So we are getting rid of it!

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