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Eco-Mama Serves It Up: G-Diapers

Hello from the life of busy eco- mama! Today I want to tell you all a ittle about my experience with G Diapers.I like g diapers...but not the cost. Although I didn't have a full experience with them, I feel that they are a greatecological alternative to disposables and cloth diapers. They fit my baby well, and never had aproblem with pee diapers! They look utterly cute on their bums, and are soft cotton, bigplus in my opinion.

My baby didn't ever have a bowel movement though when wearing them, so I can'tsay they work for infant breastfed poo. (she has one a week at this point)I always put her in a disposable at night, I just never manage to change herenough in the nighttime, so I didn't feel comfortable with the g overnight. but my lack ofexperience leaves me with no advice or knowledge over what could have happened had she wornit all night. sorry i cant contribute to that. I did love the fact that while using them I was contributing to the good of theenvironment. something I wish I could do ALL the time. I even put a few in a compost bin,so in 50 days I'll be checking the breakdown status! But I don't love the cost. Siena outgrew the small size too fast, and I am not willing toinvest the $ in a whole new set up for the medium size. Plus they cost $5 more per pack then what I pay for Seventh Generation.
I am extremely thankful to the mother from the Williamsburg mothers yahoo group: Brooklyn Baby Hui who gave me all the small g pants!! thank you! but as a single mother working to make ends meet, I can't go with g's cost...if I find a way to get them wholesale, I will use them again definitely.

I hope there are moms out the that continue to use them! they really are afantastic addition to the diaper market! as a baby I grew up in cloth diapers. By the timemy sister came along, my parents switched to disposables, for their convenience, so they were thrilled to see thedesign of the g diapers. My father is a biodynamic agricultural consultant, (his friends and colleagues call him the compost guy of Maine) owner and president of Woods End Labs, so he's excited to see what the breakdown process is in his compost pile.well that's all for now!~mariah (ma to Siena 3 months today!)
For more G Diapers information check out the first G Diapers on Urban Branches by searching in the search box (tick to search within the blog) for G Diapers. You can also check out their website at:

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