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Peaches, Strawberries and Spinach OH MY!

Real Food by Nina Planck is an amazing book. A look at what we really should be eating and how we should be eating it. Nina Planck believes eating real food is what our bodies are meant to eat and it's the chemicals, GMO's (genetically modified foods), pesticides among other things that messes up our health and in turn our planet.

In the book, there's a great "Most contaminated" with pesticide residue produce list (scored of 1 is least contaminated and 100 is the most contaminated). The list comes straight from the Environmental Working Group:

Most Contaminated
Peaches 100
Strawberries 89
Apples 88
Spinach 85
Nectarines 85
Celery 83
Pears 80
Cherries 76
Potatoes 67
Bell Peppers 66
Raspberries 66
Grapes (imported) 64

Least Contaminated
Sweet Corn 1
Avocado 4
Pineapples 6
Cauliflower 10
Mango 12
Sweet Peas 13
Asparagus 16
Onions 17
Broccoli 18
Bananas 19
Kiwi 23
Papaya 23

This is a great list to keep with you when you're shopping because if you can't afford the high price of organic produce, you should be choosing your organic and conventional produce wisely.


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