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On To Bigger & Greener Things

The hunt for ethically responsible companies is something we should all be on the quest for. As I come across companies that have made "the switch" to greener pastures (or a greener worth ethic) I will share them here.

Cadbury Schwepps (Brands include Green & Blacks Chocolate, Snapple and Halls cough drops, Dr.Pepper and of course those delicious Cadbury eggs) recently came out saying they plan on reducing their gas emissions by 750,000 each year by powering its plants with cleaner energy sources (like natural gas for example). In addition, the company will swap out their current packaging to 100 recyclable or biodegradable packaging by 2010.

Lots of companies are getting into the news with statements like this, some of which are considered greenwashing (see my article on greenwashing by searching within Urban Branches for greenwashing), so it's important to stay vigilant while supporting these initiatives.

I love Green & Blacks Chocolate, it's organic and now a bit greener!

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

That's just another excuse for me to buy more chocolate!
Supporting my craving and the Earth, could it get any better?