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Greensburg Rebuilds, You Guessed It, Green!

Have you all been tuning into Planet Green since it launched in June? Here's one reason it's well worth your time and money. Greensburg, the 13-part docu-series which follows the town of Greensburg as it rebuilds their entire city green after a devastating tornado which was said to be 1.7 miles wide and traveled for 22 miles! 95% of the town was completely wiped out and the other 5% sustained severe damage. The town is full of people trying to rebuild their lives, one green step at a time. It is inspiring and educational. Please watch!

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New York Times Magazine article

For their special Earth Day edition, the New York Times Magazine ran several articles on sustainable living. Here is reporter Emily Biuso's take on Greensburg's rebuilding as a model green community:

LEARNING FROM KANSAS: Before Greensburg began to live up to its name, it was a dying town in rural Kansas. Then, last May, it was ravaged by a tornado, and most of its 1,400 residents were left homeless. Some saw hope in the devastation. “We were left with a blank slate,” says Daniel Wallach, a resident from a nearby town who started Greensburg GreenTown, a nonprofit group devoted to making the place the ultimate energy-efficient community. There will be a bio diesel plant, LEED-certified churches and schools and geothermal-powered homes. “Ninety-five percent of the town was destroyed,” Wallach says. “You don’t get opportunities to re imagine towns from scratch.” Already, 26 public and commercial buildings (including the John Deere dealership) and half of the town’s homeowners have committed to sustainable rebuilding, Wallach says. The endeavor hasn’t gone unnoticed: Leonardo DiCaprio produced a documentary series about the town that will be broadcast on Discovery Planet Green, formerly the Discovery Home Channel, in June. The radical re-creation of this conservative farming town may seem unlikely, but the project, Wallach says, “gives meaning to our pain and suffering.”


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