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All Wrapped up with a Green Bow

It's the time of year where we give give give, and often that means the earth suffers. There are many ways to enjoy the most cozy time of year while keeping up with your earth friendly habits. Here are some ways to get you started...

*Turn your old incandescent light bulbs into tree ornaments by painting them and stringing them up with lovely colored ribbon.

*Wrap presents in old maps, newspaper, last years calender pics, craft paper you've spruced up with hand stamps or simply use large cloth pieces that can be saved for next year

*Decorate with nature, use berries, twigs, branches, potted plants and pine cones to spruce up your home this season

*Make your own cards with recycled cardboard boxes, cut into shapes or punch holes to hang from gift bags with twine

*Create a wish list and share it with friends & family, hint at items you truly need so you get what you want this year

*Give the gift of food, literally! Give boxes of cookies, jars of jam or hard to find gourmet items that will be a welcome addition to their kitchen

*Give gift cards for things like gas, groceries or other everyday items that you know will be used

More holiday earth friendly tips to come...

Also coming up on Urban Branches, a Kicky Pants baby/kids clothes review, My favorite eco shopping sites and lots more!

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