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Small Changes by Kee Ka {Review}

Everyone warned me that Juliette would grow out of everything extremely fast and I didn't really believe them much.

*sigh, I was wrong!

Each week I pull out clothes that no longer snap, sleeves that don't reach and pants that are now shorts. The money I am spending on clothing has gone down as I realize how fast she's growing. When I see something I just must have I make sure to buy it for Spring or Summer so she'll get the most use out of it as I know her growth will slow down a bit.

While I'm cutting back for sure I am still trying to find organic and eco-friendly materials for her. I'm a member of a few online baby/kids sale sites and have scored some Kicky Pants Bamboo coveralls for around $10 dollars each (well below their retail price) and scour the used clothing bins for organic onsies. Though I am realizing I need a few new things for her and am not sure I'll be able to wait for sales or dig through the used baby clothes bins. Do my delight I have discovered a relatively affordable organic baby company yesterday! Small Change Organics made by Kee Ka! I love Kee-Ka but find their prices a bit high, so I was positively smitten with Small Changes. The line is full of bright onsies, rompers, bibs, hats and pants. The saturated colors don't scream 'baby' and that makes me happy!

Small Changes is available at Land of Nod online.


Anonymous said...

Kee Ka is really great, i shop there too for my 2 year old daughter! The one thing that i'm looking for are children clothes with some environmental messaging on Go Green or something else clever since people look at babies a lot and if i can convey a good message through what my baby is wearing then all the more better!

Do you know of any manufacturers that sell those kind of shirts? I only know of but i havent seen any environmental tee's for babies there :/

Lindsay said...

Hi there,

I know there are brands I just can't seem to remember their names off of the top of my head. I will see if I can find out and post it here!

Thanks for reading Urban Branches