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Dress Your Eco-Baby In Kicky Pants {Review}

When I became pregnant I vowed my baby would wear as much organic and eco clothing as I could afford, look stylish and adorable and never ever sport tacky baby clothes.

I started my research early on and found many brands I fell in love with. One such brand was Kicky Pants. I not only loved their brand name but instantly coveted their clothing. They use bamboo, an amazingly eco fabric! Their prints are exactly what I was looking for. My rule of thumb with most of my daughter's clothing is that if the print is something I'd sport I love it. I don't generally like overly baby baby clothes, leaning more towards darling colors and soft fabrics.

Their designs are drool worthy and patterns to die for! Juliette was brought home from the hospital in Kicky Pants Plum colored bamboo coveralls. Even the nurse at the hospital gushed over our outfit choice. Since then I've bought Juliette 2 more pairs of coveralls and my sister bought her a dress for when she's a little bit older.

I love Kicky Pants because they use sustainable fabrics and because they use beautiful muted colors on their oh so soft clothing. They remain of my favorite baby brands, I look forward to dressing little Juliette up in their many beautiful items. Check out their website for more info and to see more of their offerings.

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