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Movin' on Up

My husband and I are moving next week and have been collecting used cardboard boxes from his work for weeks now, we're lucky, there's always an abundance of shapes and sizes. But if you're moving and can't seem to find boxes near you, please please don't go buy them! There are so many options for finding reusable boxes.

* Talk to your local grocer about picking up their used boxes, ask for egg boxes too as they are extra thick and great for heavy things!

* Find out what night your local community puts their cardboard trash out, for example in my hood one night a week the streets are covered in boxes!

* Check out the website BoxCycle to purchase reused boxes at a much cheaper rate, plus you're helping extend their life before being recycled.

As for packing papers, use old newspapers & magazines. So what if your hands get black, you're making use of trash, that's worth it!


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