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J'adore Ama la Beauty

"When it comes to skincare, you shouldn't have to sacrifice results for responsibility" - Ute Leube, Founder

The moment I became pregnant I sat down in my bathroom, studied all of the ingredients on every label and became ten times more anal than before about what goes on my skin, from the shampoo in my shower to the toothpaste by the sink. There are tons of things you need to learn when you are pregnant, ingredients that though are natural are not good to use for one reason or another while pregnant. While I've banished a few favorites to my "post baby" stash, I've been discovering some new favorites that may end up in my post baby repertoire.

I am constantly on the search for beauty products that fulfill my standards, they are as follows (and not in any order)

1. They work! I have oilier skin and need that perfect balance of moisture & dryness...always tough as most lines are on the extreme of both oily and dry.

2. Ingredients are natural as can be, the more organic the better. Our skin is our largest organ isn't it?

3. Environmentally and socially responsible company.

4. Smells and feels good on.

5. Is affordable

6. Great packaging (sounds weird, but I just love using products that are appealing to the eye)

and most recently

7. Can I use them pregnant?

Well I think I've found a new line. Ama la Beauty! I discovered online them a while back and recently received a loving care package from their PR company with their entire Purify line which is their skincare line for oilier skin types. I am madly in love. For a pregnant woman trying to save money, opening this box full of beautifully packaged, organic and wonderful products was like opening a birthday present! Thank you Ama la!

I started right away, I had been using up old stuff leftover in my cabinets and was happy to move onto something better. I began with their Purifying Gel Cleanser. It's a vitamin & mineral rich cleanser that helps remove clogged pores and helps prevent premature aging in the skin. To top that off 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin and 99% of plant ingredients are produced by organic farming! The cleanser totally passed my makeup removal test, score.

Then I moved on to their Purifying Toner, adore! The toner nourishes skin and helps absorb excess oil & continues to balance oil production. I am already trying to use less to save it!

I've got a daily tri-ritual of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. While it's only been a few weeks I was truly struck by how wonderful their moisturizer works on my oily skin. I have never settled on one brand of moisturizer, I've tried so many different brands, all promising to provide the proper balance while soothing and nourishing my skin. Ama la's purifying moisturizer is my favorite of their entire line, and the product I will be shelling out for for years to come I am sure. While preventing premature aging with white tea, promoting cell renewal with Tiger Grass it also clarifies pores and reduces sebum production.

While I know happier skin takes more than just a few weeks, especially when you're pregnant and your hormones are off the charts, I am happy to report that Amala is guiding me on that road to happier and healthier skin. You just must check out their website HERE for tons more information. Pick up something from their line, you won't be disappointed.


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