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Eco-Mama Prezzies!

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to think about what you're going lavish her with. There are many ideas that involve your creativity and just a little bit of cash. We all know the economy stinks right now (man am I sick of hearing about it!) but that doesn't mean your mama has to suffer, right!

Stock up at your local nursery and/or garden store. Organic Bouquet still can get your gifts to Mom on time! I love their 'Hens & Chicks' succulent plant, affordable and super easy to take care of.

Of course there's no need to order online, head to your local spot and pick out a beautiful plant that will last much longer than flowers. Make sure you ask about care instructions (you can write this on your card) and pick up any plant food that might be needed. Plants come in all prices and sizes, so you can't go wrong with this idea.

If you live near your mama, wake up early on Sunday and cook her a 100% organic pancake breakfast. Use the Internet to find your recipe, replace ingredients for organic ones, get farmer's market fresh berries and don't forget a cup of fair trade

Still stumped, don't waste your money on expensive cards, make your own. Get creative and use rubber stamps to personalize a beautiful folded piece of recycled paper, print a photo from your computer and write a loving message on the back or take the time to create a one of a kind card your own way. Whatever you just remember it's about Mama & it truly is the thought that counts.


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