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Waterless Car Wash! Can It Be True?

If you have a car I am sure you're trying to drive less, with the price of gas and the environmental impact we all are. Washing your car shouldn't add to the guilt. I found a product I am just dying to try! It's called Lucky Earth "Waterless" Car Wash. This line was created by a couple trying to keep their world a little cleaner for their baby girl. They cleared their home of all chemical laden products but were at a loss with what to switch to for their car. They set out to fill the gap in the market with a line of chemical free car cleaner.
If that wasn't enough, they make a bottle to wash your bike! Kevin is going to love this!

Check out their website and pick up a bottle today:



Anonymous said...

Here is a better and more eco-friendly way to wash your car. Leave it outside in the rain, catch some of the rain in a bucket and dry the car as soon as the rain stops while the car is still wet.


Anonymous said...

how is that way better? you would just scratch the car with the rain water since there is no lubrication from soaps to lift up the dirt.