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Tossing? Stop! Think!

Before tossing, think! Can the item be re-purposed another way? Can you turn that old wooden CD holder into a chic wall shelving unit by turning it on it's side and slapping a fresh coat of VOC paint on it? Can that old jacket be donated? Kevin and I found beautiful old french windows someone was tossing, we cleaned them up and hung them on the wall. They are fire engine red and our favorite find!

Stop cleaning out without thinking first, someone can always benefit.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your goods:
Craigslist - list your items for cash!
Ebay - I'm no stranger to selling (and buying) on ebay, it's a great way to get some green for your stuff
Amazon - Sell old books and cds with ease (among other things!) where you exchange items free of charge
Consignment shops- because that old suit could be worth something!
Charity- there are many organizations that take donations, salvation army and goodwill to name a few...

Any more ideas? Let us know!


taynnee said...

I have never heard of I'll definitely have to check it out. One thing I do with my books, books that I got second hand from other people or at the bookstore,that I probably won't read again, is pass them on to someone else. Both my parents love to read. I recently brought them a huge bag of books. Clears out my apartment but doesn't waist them.
Around here you can take your used books and sell them to Half Priced Books. You get a little money to get more if you like

Karen said...

Every time I clean the flat I find something that is of no use at all. I used to get rid of such things or give them to some acquaintances of mine. Although it is creative to turn one thing into another.

Lakelandmom said...

Here's one way I combined a find on Freecycle and some items that would have gone into the landfill had someone not thought to offer them to be reused:

It's a birdhouse made out of an old license plate, a napkin holder and some popsicle sticks. I found the clothesline and eyelets stashed away for 'some craft project in the future' and voila! A beautiful, functional home for the birds to be placed at the SPCA!