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Eco-Fashionista is Back!

Hello my eco-friendly enthusiasts! I’m sorry for the long absence! I’ve been gone pretty much all summer, kept busy with a film, family time, vacation, and ending it with a move to Brooklyn. Although I’m not so enthused about exchanging my dresses for sweaters quite yet, I thought I’d start back up at and introduce MOTTAINAI, (moe tie nie) and it’s fitting that this company was created in 2007 in my new neighborhood!

Luke McCann, Rob Lindo and Tim Schmidtke are the latest designers to create an amazing line for the ecologically and environmentally inclined targeted for those who have a higher appreciation for luxury, yet have a want for clothes that are sustainable as well as unique. The name is Japanese, ironically meaning “what a waste”. As mentioned on their website, the name comes from Japanese folklore, commonly used by parents to ensure children eat all of their rice. If they don’t, they are taught that the “mottainai ghost” will come.
All stories aside, their current collection, Modern Museum, is made to echo the brand’s mantra that all pieces are well made and are meant to be investments for the wardrobe, lasting year after year and transcending season after season. The Fall 2008 collection is made of your common pieces: jeans, plaid button downs, tailored suits and sport coats and pants to boot. Each piece, however, has it’s own twist on the normal. Blazers have hand-finished Italian linings, mother of pearl buttons embellish tailored shirts, and pants have a classy tuxedo stripe down the sides. Jeans are organic and paired with the cotton flannel shirts make the Mottainai man one of class and style, and I’m pretty sure you can walk down Bedford (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and blend right in.

These three designers are hands on every step of production, and are careful not to waste anything in the process. Trouser waistbands and bags are created from left over scrap materials and all packaging are made from 100% recycled contents.

You’ll be able to find the Mottainai collection this fall at luxury retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey. Make sure you stay close to this line, as they plan to launch a women’s line in the future, an online store, their own boutiques as well as a jewelry line.

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Lindsay said...

You're back! I missed you!