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Brown bagging it

Bring your own lunch to work, stop getting takeout!

Takeout=lots of trash (most likely you're not cleaning them out and recycling are you?)

Here are some great ideas for your yummy lunch:

Invest in tupperware- can be reused over and over
Bring your own silverware, they set sets in their own carrying case, if you can't find it, wrap it in your cloth napkin! Speaking of cloth napkins, I can't love them more, Kevin and I began using them about 4 months ago and we haven't looked back. Oh, and get that reusable drinking container too, if you haven't already that is.

So, in addition to organic foods you can make a difference with how you bring your food to work! Eating leftovers also is a great way to use what you got, and keep that food from hitting the landfill!


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