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Waxelene for well, EVERYTHING

Ok, so petroleum jelly isn't a very sexy product is it? But ohhh it has so many uses. I hate to admit we have a tub in our bathroom. And every time I see the words PETROLEUM I shudder just a bit. Well I think it's time to toss it and never look back. Enter Waxelene. The petroleum jelly alternative! Where has this been all my life!

A USA made product full of natural and harm free ingredients for all your daily skincare needs. This baby can do it all. So happy to have found another product that I can feel good using.

I will use this for a gazillion things, here are some:

*lip balm
*diaper rash prevention for Juliette
*excema treatment
*flyaway hair tamer
*dry hands balm
*dry nose when I have been blowing it often during cold season
*makeup remover
*aftershave on my sensitive skin
*wind burn relief when Juliette's cheeks turn red from long walks in the chilly air
*ohhh so many more...

Here's their ingredient list, straight from the horse's (ok website's mouth)

*Organic Soybean Oil - full of lovely fatty acids, anti-oxidants + soy isoflavones. These ingredients maintain the healthy balance in your skin, keep skin beautiful and prevents wrinkles! Lovely indeed.
*Beeswax - unbleached (who knew it could be bleached! eek!) beeswax keeps moisture in, protecting and softening your skin. Beeswax is also an natural anti-inflammatory with anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. What a wonder ingredient!

*Organic Rosemary Oil - More anti-oxidant properties (score!) and also improves blood circulation to the skin.
*100% Natural Vit. E Oil - Yet some more anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

All ingredients Non-GMO of course.

This product is going to make its way into every baby gift I give as well, it's a great addition to any nursery kit, for all of baby's needs! My husband, daughter and I love this stuff already. One product is always better than lots of jars and bottles. Plus the packaging is recyclable and made of glass not more plastic (ie petroleum).

While they find their way to a store near you (they are in locations on the west coast only right now) you can find them online here

I think I'll go get some now, my lips need a little tender care...ciao! Xx


Annie said...

now I want some, where can I get it?

Anonymous said... has a list of stores or you can buy it in their online store.