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Hip Hooray!

You can't see a beautiful string of colored garlands and not think lovely, bubbly happy thoughts. That's why you must get some and string them across your dining table, reading nook or sweet baby nursery. They are amazingly affordable, at only $9.99 every room in your house can afford one. They make a great addition to any special occasion, heck they are special enough to make a regular old Wednesday special! As stated on the Hip Hooray website they are champagne resistant. So break out the bubbly and toast to today!

Lovely Hip Hooray Garland (image)
I love them as permanent decor, not just for a special occasion. Juliette will have one to wake up to tomorrow! What a happy way to wake up don't you think? Here's a direct link right to the Hip Hooray shop page.

Hip Hooray (best company name ever!) is a Minneapolis company, they print and assemble the products here in the US, right in Minneapolis actually.  They use eco-inks (sweet!) and garlands can be used over and over! They sent me 2 garlands to string up in my house, and tonight we're going to string one up in Juliette's room. Yay.

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