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No More Oil!

This BP oil spill is sickening, heart wrenching and the worst environmental event in US history. And, it's still going on. Daily I am watching the news hoping to hear some glimmer of good news, but still nothing. It's so disgusting that we live in a culture that has folks who proclaim "Drill Baby Drill" instead of trying to avoid situations like this by creating better alternatives. Sorry, didn't mean to skew political on that one...

Here are some links to amazing photos, articles and thoughts on this horrific event.

Planet Green - Unreal photos of the Gulf oil spill

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC is live in the Gulf and has some eloquent thoughts to share

If you want to have a "what the f**k" moment you must read Rep. Don Young Republican of Alaska (Alaska, surprise surprise) statement in which is says this is by no means an environmental catastrophe and that we'll be just fine.

and if that didn't piss you off enough, check out miss 'Drill Baby Drill' herself and what she has to say (Hint: She's blaming environmentalists for the disaster!)

(Image:AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Lakelandmom said...

Good pic - it really says it all.

North Jersey Air Systems said...

It was the most shameful of this age to have this oil spill and the way it has made the water and the ocean contaminated is unthinkable.It is going to hit all of us because if we don't remember that this is an ecosystem and all of us are co dependent.