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Eco-Mama: Sustainable Futures

It's been ages since Mariah, our Eco-Mama has posted, I'm happy to have her back on Urban Branches, enjoy...

"If hearing the words ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ makes your eyes glaze over, then the Sustainable Futures exhibition is for you. Not only will you come across products and ideas that are good for the planet and people (recycled clothing made from discarded parachutes, wooden radios made by hand in a remote village in Indonesia), but there’s also a range of prototypes and concepts that will set your mind pulsing about the myriad possibilities and excitement of sustainability in design."
Read More about it on StyleWillSaveUs. Exhibit at the London Design Museum, 'Sustainable Futures' runs until 5 September 2010.

(community oriented, sustainably designed Auburn 7)

I greatly, immensely admire sustainable design that is forward thinking, modern and fresh. As in a fresh spin on the way design is implemented. Sustainable design, in my opinion, should not look kitchsy and ragged; it is best to hold a high seat amongst timeless modernity. If we fully utilize our resources, re-use and re-purpose wood, harvest sustainable fibers/woods, concrete, steel and glass, I believe we have the power to create urban modern landscapes, city-scapes, buildings, furniture and accesories. There are so so so many out there already!

The Auburn 7 project in Silverlake, LA by MASS Architecture and Design, is a very inspiring piece of sustainability. Complete with Priuses, community gardens and solar power, this new plot of land became a hybrid for sustanable design. "New residents were also drawn to the stunning site at the peak of the hill and an ingenious design that rendered the homes sustainable in a way that went beyond the requisite energy-saving features— by maximizing density and sense of community. "
Read more here.

I subscribe to Dwell mag. I love reading every inch of each issue. The online site has a plethora of products, homes, people, places and ideas. For a beautiful home, I adore the article/photo above, (of the Lucky 7 project) and the simple piece below, a bamboo Parsons Platform Bed.

(styled clean and simply fully embellishes the beauty of this bamboo bed)


Mike's Vent Cleaning said...

It is a very good drive to opt for green homes with solar panels and other such lovely facilities.It saves a lot of electricity and helps us live a healthier life.

shalom said...

Very educative!
You will find some posts on this link interesting.


Manju said...

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