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Shift Your Habit

I was sent this great book, Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers to review. At first I thought, oh here's yet another book on going green with all the typical suggestions. But once I opened it I realized how much information was packed into this book and how worth a read it really was.

Instead of just telling you what the change, this book offers real data, real statistics on why the change matters. Not only do you find out how shifting your habits changes things for the planet you also find out how these changes help you financially. Which at this time in our lives couldn't be more relevant.

Here are some of my favorite ways to shift my habits from the book:

Make you own baby food
Save up to $1,500 per year. Juliette has only been eating solid food for about a week, and we've been making all of her food. I've already noticed how much less pricey it is for me to make it. We bought a huge bag of organic sweet potatoes from Trader Joe's for under $4.00 and she's had at least 5 meals already with it and I cooked up the rest and have frozen about 7 portions for later use. Whereas 1 jar of Earth's Best Baby Food is $1.20 at my local store.

Buy a laptop instead of a desktop computer
Save up to $45 in your electricity bill each year, and conserve roughly 450 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Buy a multivitamin instead of individuals
Save up to $350 per year plus you conserve the production energy used to generate additional supplements and containers

This book just came out yesterday, so don't hesitate to snag a copy for yourself at you local bookstore! I'll be sure to post tons tips from the book too.



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Julie said...


Let me share this initiative with you:)
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Merry Xmas!