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Leave it A Jar

Many of you know of my hankering for jars, I collect great shaped ones I see, I save way more than I will ever need and I'm always trying to come up with new uses for them. Let's review, I use them to store my qtips, cotton balls, loose candy, drinking glasses, vases, bulk food storage, candles...the list goes on. Now that I have a baby and am making my own baby food I'm using my cute small jar collection even more!

I recently stumbled upon this great site which sells the more darling jars and I knew I had to share. They also have kits for jar labeling! I think I might be in trouble. The site is Burgon & Ball and they've got a ton more amazing things I've gotta check out, but these jars stopped me dead in my tracks, I think I like the Delicious Jam jar one most of all.

Uh oh, I just discovered they sell their own line of skincare, I'm in trouble now for sure.

(All images from site)