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10 Reasons To Eat Local

Looking for a reason to get on the "eat local" bandwagon? Here's 10:

1. Local food tastes better! Why? Because it hasn't traveled as far and is fresher, also the food is picked when ripe.

2. Local food is better for you! Why? The closer your food is to the original source (ie the ground) the less time it took to get to you, and the less nutrients it lost en route.

3. Local food preserves genetic diversity! Why? Small farms often grow a variety of foods to provide a long harvest season.

4. Local food is safer! Why? Your local farmers aren't anonymous like the big companies are.

5. Local food supports local families! Why? Because you cut out more of the middlemen and keep local family farms in biz.

6. Local food builds communities! Why? Because you get to know your farmer, honoring a time honored tradition between farmer and consumer.

7. Local food preserves open spaces! Why? Think about it, the more farms you have locally the less industrial space is taken away from nature.

8. Local food keeps taxes down! Why? Farms give more in tax money than they take in services, so be keeping your farms close by you keep the tax dollars available for other things.

9. Local food benefits the environment and local wildlife! Why? Smaller farms tend to be better environmental stewards, they keep the soil fertile instead of stripping it of all nutrients. Also less travel for the produce means less emissions into the air.

10. Local food is an investment in the future! Why? By supporting local farms, you help keep them in business, ensuring their future success.



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