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My Eco-Lifestyle Boutique To Be

As many of you may know it has been a dream of mine to open a eco-lifestyle boutique! While the plan is to open a physical space in Brooklyn, I plan on opening up shop online first. Having Juliette has made me realize I've gotta take baby steps.

I am reaching out to my lovely readers to find out what YOU would like to see for sale, what would you buy?

I am planning on having household items, cleaners, candles, decor and such along with baby, skin & body care, literature and hopefully some men's and women's items. Please send me your thoughts, you're favorite brands, they can be eco-friendly, a small company you'd love to share with me, local to the NY area or simply a favorite product from a company that gives back to the community.

I am so excited to get this underway, it's going to be overwhelming, exciting and a dream come true!



Lakelandmom said...

I'm just a regular visitor to your site, so I don't actually 'know' you, but I must say this: You'll do GREAT! You seem to have drive, determination and HEART for this dream of yours.

I think you should start with those products that you already know and love. That way you have first person testimonials to give. I'd take your word over most that a product is worthy.

Things I would definitely buy from you before any other website would be earth-friendly craft items. I'm addicted to crafts. Example:

I'm not into female fru-fru (lotions and other such things). I always ask for gifts that are practical: Eco-friendly cleaning products, green household helpers, utility savers, etc.

Well, that's my two cents. I hope lots of other people comment, too. I wish you the very best of luck and I promise to purchase something, I'll be watching for the GREEN light! : )

eco mama mariah said...

So happy to hear you are cultivating your dream daily, with dreams, thoughts and dialogue with your readers. Very cool.
I think a very special line of baby blankets/quilts would be great. price point under $100 for blankets and maybe 90- 125 for quilts...handmade...
the essentials of your life are whats important.
gift "baskets" of a selection of your weekly picks/favorites...