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Eco Decor on the Cheap

So you're trying to save money, who isn't. But we still want gorgeous, innovative and lovely decor don't we! (resounding YES!)

Here are my tips for eco-decor that almost anyone can do...

1. Save your jars, fill them with cheap white candles (think tea lights!) and line them up along the windowsill. Or fill them with household items like clothes pins, match books, spools of thread or your collection of shells.

2. If you have a huge vase, fill with nicely shaped sticks from the garden or park

3. Pick up a few pieces of beautiful wrapping paper and frame them. I've got a $7 dollar map of Paris that's been framed on our wall for years, nobody believes it's wrapping paper from a fancy stationary store!

4. Plants, pop over to a friends house and take a clipping. I'm going to work on a whole new slew of cuttings myself for display. Helps add oxygen to your home as well

What else? Oh I am sure I'll think of something...

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rachel said...

I used to sell that Paris paper at Papyrus! :o) They have a pretty good selection and change the selection seasonally, so there are always more designs in the back. Just ask. Art stores usually have a wide variety too!

I love the Paper Source:


~ rachel