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Fit for Kings & Queens

So I popped into a Duane Reade this past week in New York. Now, if you live here you know they are the "on every corner" drug store, nothing special, and trust me if you live outside the city, nothing like the huge amazing, product filled drugstores that have me drooling.

I love me a drug store. And since organic and natural health & body care has become more commonplace, the neighborhood drugstore has become a great source to pick up all you may need for a much smaller price tag than boutique.

I discovered a line called For Kings & Queens, made by non other than Korres, the Greek line full of deliciously scented natural products for hair, face & body. I picked out a Vanilla & Pear body scrub to try, while lingering over their delicious shower gel scents...I will be back.

Scents include:
Lemon Flower
Vanilla Pear
Cinnamon Orange

The line can be found at which makes it easy for all to enjoy!


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