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Weekend Finds + Lovely Things

The lovely folks at Naturopathica recently sent me another goodie to sample and I totally love it! Their Aloe Cleansing Gel  I'm a total face wash snob and only like what I like, so when I tried this I went in with a little attitude, well it melted away, along with the oil and makeup from the day...lovely. refreshing and soothing.

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The lovely daily happenings and of course, fashion of Miss James @bleubirdvintage and BleuBirdVintage

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This super cute picnic tote from Branch Home. Oh so sweet. And eco friendly of course.

Swap out paper napkins for these super chic stripped ones from West Elm, in organic cotton.

The hilarious (and totally awesome) list of annoying words not to be used in NY Magazine as posted by Kurt Anderson when he took over at the Mag (Mag, wait is this word on there?). The lovely Joanna Goddard reposted this on her blog A Cup of Jo.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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