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There's a new Clean Kid on the Block!

Take this to get your laundry detergent refilled! Gorgeous + Green!

I love the simple packaging

Ok, so you've finally made the switch to all natural cleaners and home care (woot!), that wasn't so hard right? You've got your laundry detergent, tub + tile cleaner and lovely dish soap all in order. But maybe you don't have a favorite scent yet, or maybe you feel like you're spending way too much to clean your dishes. Or maybe you wish there was a product you could refill cheaply from a bulk station in your neighborhood...(ohhh this sounds lovely doesn't it!)

Well there's a new brand on the block to help change all of that. Common Good Home! They are a Brooklyn based company selling all the basics, laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, candles, bar soaps and of course all purpose cleaner. Their mission is simple, create lovely home care products that help save the planet and make you happy. Their ingredients are 100% biodegradable, all products are offered scent free (they also have delicious lavender and bergamont offered with some products) and they never use any dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chemicals, bleaches, optical brighteners or phosphates. Sounds good huh!

You can now buy their popular products online and if you're lucky enough to live in the NYC area you can pop into a whole bunch of places to get your products refilled. They sell along with their products beautiful glass refill bottles that are so beautiful I would display them with or without product inside.

They sent me the lavender hand soap and laundry detergent. I handwashed some of Juliette's tiny little clothes in their detergent last night and was happy with the suds. The hand soap smells amazing, close your eyes and you're running through lavender fields in the South of France natural as can be. No fake lavender smells please!

Their prices aren't so bad, especially their dish soap which is under $5 bucks and totally tough on grease! For those of you who like minimal packaging. The dish soap looks beautiful next to the sink. As does the hand soap glass refill bottle. Oh I could go on...

As many of you know I am opening an online Children's Boutique, called Darling Clementine. Chances are you will be seeing some of Common Good Home's products there and can buy them alongside your baby needs! I love supporting a local Brooklyn company. Gotta keep it in the hood right!

Follow them on Twitter @commongoodhome

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