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Punch in a few numbers from your milk carton and find out where your milk comes from. scary how simple it is! Click here.

The start of something? Track your dinner, find out where your chicken came from.

Craving a new cookbok? Here are a few of the best.

A look at sustainable (and not so sustainable) fish practices with chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsey. Hope this shop makes it stateside.

A horrific pesticide approved for strawberries. Yet another reason to only eat organic berries. As if you needed another.

What I'm going to be cooking up this week from Smitten Kitchen.

Nature continues to inspire and make the most delightful decor here.

A delicious recipe for everyday bread from the lovely blog, Confessions of a Tart. Love the name.


Chelsea said...

I typed in the code on my milk container, my milk came from Burlington, NJ! I never thought of where - state wise - my milk came from! Thanks for providing the link!

Justagirl said...

Yes, thank you for the link about the milk! I was happy to see that my store brand milk came from a dairy only about an hour away from where I live. Very cool!