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Here's a few links from my weekend browsing history...enjoy!

A delicious recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Sweet Potato with Pecans and Goat Cheese. Obviously score organic ingredients and you've got yourself a delicious and eco treat!

A great article from New York Magazine spotlighting none other than vegetables!! Love the title, Vegetables are the New Meat. A must read.

Instead of chowing down on Turkey this Thanksgiving (I mean come on it's the sides we really want anyway, and speaking of let's stop calling them "the sides" they deserve more than that!) adopt one through Farm Sanctuary! Click here for details on the Adopt-A-Turkey Project (and no, you won't have a turkey running around your house, teehee)

The House bans 'Crush Videos', ummm what took them so long. And for those who don't know this is a video catering to the sexual fantasy of a woman's heel crushing a small animal, need I say more? Click here for the article on Huffington Post

OMG moment here about BPA & Hand Sanitizers, read on...

Mrs.Meyer's holiday gift sets under $25! Done and done.

The latest from Fig&Sage blog, because, well, they're posts are always amazing! Plus they've got a ton of discount codes for some great eco-finds!

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