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J'adore Apple Park {Review}

My daughter Juliette has a lot of toys, we've got 2 big bins full, but it is the earth-friendly ones that I'll be tucking away for my next! While I'd love for all of Juliette's toys to be made from recycled, reclaimed, organic and pure materials that isn't always the case. There aren't as many brands of toys I really love out there to choose from. Enter Apple Park to save this mama's day!

Apple Park
is a San Francisco based company who made it their mission to create products that were environmentally responsible (think organic, recycled and sustainable materials!) but also super sweet and lovable. They've totally won me over on all fronts. Their soft teething toys are made from organic cotton and have the sweetest faces ranging from lambs to monkeys. Their family of finger puppets is sure to put on a show for your little one and their super soft 100% organic cotton blankets will make Mom & Dad happy! Their line includes wrist rattles, blankets, teething toys, soft blocks and more. Perfect for your little one or that gift you've gotta give. Why not give the gift of organic! What better way to start out life than with organic materials.

Apple Park
believes that as asthma (and other major medical issues too!) are on the rise we are learning more and more that they are related to chemicals in our environment. Apple Park products are hypoallergenic and made from 100% certified organic cotton (and are of course sans chemicals and other carcinogenic materials!)

These soft toys are the sweetest, more huggable, lovable you've seen. I want the whole Apple Park Picnic Pals family! I know I'll be giving these away as holiday gifts for sure for the new little ones in my life.

Oh, and whilst I don't like excess packaging, I am a sucker for it when it's done well, and this is believe me, no wrapping paper needed! The box is made from recycled materials and printed with soy based ink, no guilt necessary!

In their own words: "It's good to be green for our health, our environment, our children and our future."

Check them out online on Twitter @appleparktoys & on their super cute website

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