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Milk It

I know I've been a bad blogger lately, I've been busy out and about with Juliette, going out of town on the weekends and catching up during the week on what seems like endless errands and chores around the house. I promise I'll be posting again soon, lots of reviews to come as well as inspiring photos, recipes and more!

Ok, now that that is out of the way, I am still nursing at night and while doing so, I do a lot of online reading via my blackberry, and last night I was skimming HuffingtonPost and read a great, easy to read and understand article about the different kinds of milk and the pros and cons to all. We currently drink Cow's milk, grass-fed of course. I've thought about swapping to almond or rice, but notice their protein content is very low, and since we're not huge meat eaters (a few times a month at most) we need the protein where we can find it. So for now we're sticking to Cow's milk, but I am going to be checking out Hemp milk soon, review to come!

Check out this article: Hemp,Rice, Raw and More: A Guide to Milk and the Planet and pass it along, has great concise tips for choosing your milk of choice.


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