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Pangea Organics Day 1 {Review in Progress}

I've had blemish prone, oily skin for what seems like my entire life (ok so technically it started when I was about 12/13) and I've basically heard, tried and complained about it all. I've been do derms who've scared me outta there with treats of insane treatments, I've had my skin plucked and poked at during facials and have lived to tell the tale.

Anyone who has "troubled" skin knows how it can break your confidence, and when a product comes along promising to help build that confidence it's looked at with heavy suspicion. I received Pangea Organincs Facial Cream in the mail to review, it's been sitting on my bathroom shelf, eyeing me for weeks now.

Pangea Organics is a sweet skincare line based in Boulder, Co. (Made in Colorado too!), they support Women for Women International , print their boxes on 80% post consumer paper with vegetable inks and their products are chock full of organic ingredients. They also have a catchy 'Always' and 'Never' list that breaks things down easily: (from their site)

ALWAYS: Nurturing, Handcrafted, Organic, Fair Trade (whenever possible), and Cruelty-Free
NEVER: Petroleum, Sulfates or Detergents, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances, or GMOs

The box claims it is for "oily to blemish-prone skin" and the ingredients claim to regulate my oil and provide calm to my irritated skin. Sounds great! After many weeks of staring at it, I finally pumped some cream into my hands and smoothed it on my face.

Observation 1, it goes on lovely, smells heavenly and left a matte finish. Happy, check! I usually avoid lotions in the morning because they end up leaving behind an oil slick, yuck. The cream claims to "helps to calm surface inflammation while nourishing and protecting with powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help revitalize and restore damaged skin." It's only day 1 but I am a happy girl so far! Update to follow...

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