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Eco-Reminder: Gimme 5

I totally understand how life can get full and busy and recycling sometimes takes a backseat. I've been a victim of this myself, but it's time to get back on that wagon and kick it up a notch!

That means checking to see if your city accepts #5 recyclables, mine doesn't so they simply land in landfills, ew. A few years back Kevin and I took a huge load to the Park Slope Coop one weekend and while that was great, it was a bit hard to get to on the right day. Whole Foods & Preserve then announced that they would start accepting #5's and I breathed a big sign of relief. Since then I've been toting my yogurt cups, sour cream containers and now my diaper genie refills to Whole Foods any time I am in that area. I admit, sometimes every now and then I don't check for the #5 label on the bottom and I just toss it in with my other plastic recycling, not good. So I've vowed to step it up and make sure that all of my #5's make it to whole foods for proper recycling!

Click here to read about the Whole Foods initiative, and click here to find out if your local Whole Foods is taking part.


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