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RIP Ady Gil

I am sure many have heard the news of the collision between the Sea Shepard Boat The Ady Gil and the Japanese Whaling boat this past week. I've watched a few different videos from a few different angles, and I think it's apparent that the Japanese whaling boat did in fact ram the Ady Gil. Both sides blame the other, but in my opinion the video speaks for itself. If you pay careful attention to the water you can see that the Ady Gil is barely moving as it's rammed, then you see it rapidly backing away after the collision.

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As a few days had past it became apparent that the Ady Gil was beyond repair. Not only did the Sea Shepard organization loose a major asset, but one of their own members was injured. Horrible. (He's recovering and will be fine) Paul Watson, the Captain and head of Sea Shepard is obviously fuming and vowing to continue their fight with even more vengeance.

One thing that struck me was that while the Ady Gil was sinking is that members of Sea Shepard scrambled to remove the batteries and fuel from the boat so as to avoid environmental damage! That is the type of people they are.

This is not the last we've heard of this story I am sure, stay tuned for a new season of Whale Wars this summer and if you can't wait, pick up a copy of Paul Watson's books or donate to the Sea Shepard organization to help further their cause.

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