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Support Small Boutiques & Precious Items I Desire

Stop shopping at big name stores, give that up and support small businesses! They've got way more to offer in my opinion, especially when they've got such a great eye for design, style and discovering the undiscovered. I've included some online store links as well as a local favorite...what are your favorite small boutiques and shops, leave the link in the comment section, let's get the word out to support small businesses!

I'm gaga for this knit mobile from Bla Bla, a bit pricey yes, but they make up for it with lesser priced stuffed animals that are super soft!

TWEED shea butter solid lotion bar made with organic shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils...oh la la! By Etsy shop PortlandGeneralStore

Hanging plant pot, genius! From Sprout Home

For baby Meyer-Harley, for when she's older from The Little Seed...

One of my favorite shops, Dalaga! It's only a few steps from my apartment, lethal I know!

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