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Eco-Fashionista: Follow Your Budda Nose

It's been quite a while since Eco-Fashionista Brett has posted, well she's back and I couldn't be happier to post her first post of the summer!

As one knows living in New York, finding the time to simply sit still
and breath is hard. We "just don't have the time".
But this is the basis of Amy Galper's new holistic beauty line -
Buddha Nose. As a shiatsu practitioner based in NYC, Amy recognized
the connection between the energetic dynamics of shiatsu with the
essential oils of aromatic plants. SO, setting up shop in her kitchen,
she set out to remind her clients that beauty directly affects our
feeling good. Who doesn't want that!!!!!!

Buddha Nose's unique aromatic products include moisturizing salves,
lip balms, aromatic sprays, bath salts, scrub cleansers and essential
oils, and are made with only USDA certified organic and wild-crafted
ingredients and contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances or chemical
preservatives. Packaging is both recyclable and sustainable when

check it out -


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