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What's in my Medicine Cabinet?

Boiron Homeopathic Products

Their site is super easy to navigate and full of great information. Check out this link to the 'What is Homeopathy' page, which includes a link to a wonderful video explaining the entire process!

We use a wide range of items from French company Boiron, founded in 1932. Including:

Arnicare Gel  to soothe sore muscles and help heal bruises

Calendula Gel to help heal cuts, scraps and burns

Camilia for Juliette, when she's teething. ouch.

Cold Calm to help kick those cold symptoms

Oscillococcinum (which I pronounce 'Oss-a-sill-ium' for some reason, though looking at the word that seems terribly wrong now, woops. ok, must learn the correct pronunciation, click here for the how to!) We use this to help when we are feeling flu like symptoms coming on

Roxalia for sore throats. the worst

Sinusalia when one of us has the dreaded sinus infection

Chestal & Chestal Children's for coughs

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Stephanie said...

Tylenol. Ibuprofen. Naproxen. That would about do it for us.