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Checking out for summer with Eco-Mama in Maine

Hello and happy august! I hope all of you are at it and doing eco better than the high high heat of summer.
I have been in the midst of some major transitions, but all in the best ways possible. I moved to Portland Maine in January, and went though some changes which was a true test. It unfolded as a scramble from near desperation to the discovery that I was and am fully capable of handling everything that comes my way and enjoying some of it too!! Life is beautiful, what can I say, but love each moment. I am proudly working at an organic grocer over-seeing the coffee and candy/chocolate departments. Couldn't be happier to participate in "good organic practices" and classes that teach me where our food and body products come from. (more on that knowledge at a future date).
I am here to post some images of summer...that's all, just to share some of the homegrown goodness that's come from my work and need for organic produce and outdoor time. I've gained my summer's worth of vit. D and toned my body while working, weeding and tending to...also from running and playing on the beach. I've found some breath and balance too.

Until next time, I hope everyone feels good about their eco choices, and eat local, seasonal and fresh!!

Oh, check out Lonny Magazine (love it!) and look for this article on page 41: Slowing It Down featuring Dominique Browning


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