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What To Get Your Sweetiepie?

This year, pucker up and give out free kisses, that's super eco-friendly! That being said, only kiss the ones you love of course, and if you must spend a few buckaroos stick to the earth friendly kind. Ditch cut flowers to a beautiful plant for the office, to remind them of your beautiful face each time they lay eyes on it...other ideas?

Treat them to a full body massage with natural body oils, bake an organic apple cinnamon pie!

Here are some more easy to buy online purchase you can have sent right to your hot stuff.

Recycled leather, oh yes!

Ashley Watson Card Holders $80 at Beklina (use this code for 25% off: DCFEB, thanks Daily Candy) You can slip in a coupon for that!

Darling little cookies from One Lucky Duck. They are Raw organic, sans butter, white flower and sugar yet are oh so delicious!

Treat your honey to sumptuous new towels in Valentine's red of course! These babies are made of beechwood fibers. From Branch Home.

Revive the art of the notecards by giving a beautiful set of these 100% cotton (yes, that means no trees!) cards for a cool $16 from Letters Lubell.

Whatever you do end up doing, remember it IS the thought that counts, don't waste your money on cheap crappy chocolates or candy nobody wants. Invest in something he or she will love, or give something free, like your time and attention.

All images from sites linked above.


Lakelandmom said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a while...I've been busy falling in love! : )

A good eco-gift can be something handmade from things around the house. How about a photo collage using pics and images off of saved greeting cards and magazines. It's personal and custom and eco-friendly! : )

Anonymous said...

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