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Eco Things That Make Me Happy

I've been paying extra attention lately to the eco-choices I see around me and I am happy to report there are many. Here are some of the ways those around me are making changes:

*My bank, Chase no longer uses deposit slips or envelopes! Checks can be deposited directly into the ATM eliminating all that paper waste not to mention time!

*People all around me using their reusable bags and refusing plastic grocery bags!

*Huggies making an organic cotton diaper! While there are of course great eco brands of diapers and cloth options, it's important for large companies to have eco choices because of their wide spread availability.

*Costco selling more and more organic options, we must vote with our wallets and let them know we want to see more and more eco and organic products

What about you, are you seeing anything that's make your eco-happy?


Lakelandmom said...

Yes, I am noticing more and more lately, I'm glad you asked! Publix is really pushing re-usable shopping bags more than ever before. And they're "Greenwise" foods section is growing seemingly every day. I noticed a new product there yesterday, in fact. It was an all natural produce wash spritz.

I'm seeing 'organic' at more and more of the road-side produce stands and at the flea markets.

And just recently, our region's biggest farmer just opened his own farmer's market to offer his goods to the general public instead of to only the grocery stores as he has always done in the past.

Yes, I'm noticing it. And you don't have to have a microscope to see it like you used to!

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smartchic said...

me and my girlfriends now prefer to shop at thrift stores instead of buying new stuff at the mall. go green! go vintage! :)

Green and Lovin' It said...

Hi Everyone - What a nice blog! I am a single mom - started 4 years ago with exactly these ideas. It is so nice to see people having fun and "dreading" the "green inconvenience".

You don't have to do everything!
But you should do SOMETHING...